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  • In Unusual Collaboration, Police and Prosecutors Team Up to Reduce Crime

    With murders having reached a low point in Manhattan, the Manhattan district attorney’s office and the Police Department have begun an unusually close collaboration aimed at driving down other crimes, chief among them grand larceny, domestic violence and cybercrime.

    Photo by Richard Perry/The New York Times

  • Celebrating the Start of a Second Term

    On January 27, 2014, Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance, Jr celebrated the start of his second term at the NY Surrogates Court with his colleages and supporters.

  • Watch the DA's interview on CNBC

    Fifty years ago, identity theft typically involved a single actor who forged a driver’s license, walked into a bank and withdrew funds from a target account. Today, organized criminal rings are in the business of stealing thousands of identities and millions of dollars. But a crime ring can steal $2,001 or $2 million and the punishment is identical. Criminals who steal more money from more people should get the treatment they deserve.

  • Busted! Inside one massive cybercrime ring

    Feaured on CNBC: one of the biggest cyber-crime cases that we or any other group of prosecutors ever tackled. In it, my office successfully prosecuted a crime ring that stretched from New York City to Kiev. Its members stole and sold more than 100,000 pieces of personal information, including names, birth dates, Social Security numbers, online usernames and passwords.

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