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Cyrus R. Vance, Jr., has served as the District Attorney of New York County since January 1, 2010.

During his tenure as District Attorney, Mr. Vance has overseen a significant reduction of murder, burglary, and robbery rates in Manhattan and led the charge in enacting new initiatives aimed at creating a fairer criminal justice system for all. With billions in funding recovered through the successful prosecution of international banks committing financial crimes, Mr. Vance has invested in programs that directly protect vulnerable populations, such as victims of human trafficking, domestic violence, and sexual assault. These programs include eliminating the rape kit backlog so victims of sexual assault no longer see justice delayed, enhancing security for NYCHA residents, and stemming the flow of illegal guns into the city.

Mr. Vance’s office has shown a deep commitment to the Manhattan communities he serves through his crime prevention, alternative sentencing, and reentry programs designed to reduce the number of youth, first-time offenders, and mentally ill who come in contact with the criminal justice system. In February 2017, the Manhattan DA’s office announced an investment of nearly $60 million into crime prevention and educational programs benefitting youth and families in Harlem, Washington Heights, and the Lower East Side. To better work with the community and serve Upper Manhattan residents, he has also opened a new office in Washington Heights where residents can receive bilingual support.

Since assuming office, Mr. Vance has become a national leader in developing innovative approaches to tackling 21st century crimes, including identity theft, cybercrime, white-collar fraud, hate crimes, and terrorism. He has dismantled several major domestic and international cybercrime and identity theft operations, and earned the first convictions of individuals on State terror charges in New York State Court.

Internally, Mr. Vance has also modernized the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office by reorganizing its resources and creating new specialized bureaus and units, including the Crime Strategies Unit (CSU), which analyzes data to identify the leading crime drivers, the Conviction Integrity Unit (CIU), which addresses claims of actual innocence and prevents wrongful convictions from occurring, and the Violent Criminal Enterprises Unit (VCEU), which has systematically worked to reduce gun and gang violence using data-driven prosecution strategies.

Mr. Vance serves as co-chair of the New York State Permanent Commission on Sentencing and is a member of District Attorneys Association of the State of New York. He co-founded Prosecutors Against Gun Violence an independent, non-partisan coalition working toward prosecutorial and policy solutions to the national public emergency of gun violence, and established the Global Cyber Alliance, an international non-profit dedicated to cyber-prevention.

Mr. Vance was born and raised in Manhattan, and is a graduate of Yale University and Georgetown University Law Center. He and his wife, Peggy McDonnell, currently reside on the West Side and have two grown children.