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‘Crooked’ NYPD cop busted for cocaine possession

New York Post

An NYPD officer suspected of a slew of crimes was busted for cocaine possession Monday after admitting to an informant, “I should know better — I’m a cop,” according to court papers.

Disgraced Manhattan cop Johnny Diaz — a 23-year veteran of the force — was initially probed for allegedly offering to help crooks beat their raps in exchange for cash. Prosecutors said an undercover investigator was then assigned to track Diaz and posed as a drug dealer in his patrol area.

Diaz, 48, arrested the informant May 23 and allegedly logged only $17,000 of the $18,000 in cash he recovered from the man, according to prosecutors. He then offered to return the dealer’s cell phone from an evidence locker and accepted a $250 bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue scotch as a thank-you gift for the favor, said ADA Emily Farber.

The crooked cop then allegedly offered to tamper with the man’s pending case in order to get it tossed in exchange for $20,000.

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