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Trust-fund creep gets prison for raping unconscious women

New York Post

The depraved preppy trust-funder charged with raping and sexually assaulting two unconscious women, while filming it and saving the recordings on his computer in files marked “unconscious” and “rape,” took a 10-year plea deal today in Manhattan Supreme Court.

Cameron McDermott, 32, of Hempstead, LI, faced up to 25 years in prison for multiple rapes and sexual assaults on two women in Manhattan apartments he occupied in 2010 and 2013.

The women, who knew McDermott well, were unconscious and had no recollections of the attacks, which allegedly included him raping and sodomizing them, and inserting objects. They only discovered the assault when the homemade videos were found on his computer by authorities investigating an unrelated case.

McDermott’s home was raided after he was arrested for exposing himself and urinating on the leg of a woman who was giving him directions, while wearing tight black pants, a black wig and lipstick. He was also being sought for possession of kiddie porn.

The handsome McDermott changed his plea to guilty of rape and sexual abuse, both in the first degree, and will serve a 10-year and seven-year sentence concurrently.

The prep-school perv will also have to register as a sex offender.

“Did you engage in sexual intercourse (with a woman) who was incapable of consent for the reason of being physically helpless?” Judge Mark Dwyer asked McDermott.

“Yes,” the cuffed McDermott meekly replied.

“Cameron McDermott violated two women while they were unconscious and unable to protect themselves from his predatory abuse,” District Attorney Cy Vance in a statement. “While a criminal conviction cannot begin to undo the damage done by these attacks, I hope his guilty plea brings a measure of comfort to the survivors in this case.”

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