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  • Advocates for Child Sex Abuse Survivors Push to Extend Statute of Limitations


    Lawmakers are calling on Governor Cuomo to lengthen the statute of limitations for sexual abuse cases. Advocates of the Child Victims Act gathered yesterday around the "Fearless Girl" statue in Lower Manhattan.

    They say survivors of child sex abuse should have until the age of 28 to take their abusers to court.

    The current statute of limitations runs out when they turn 23.

  • Cruel Harlem man who forced his girlfriend to walk naked in freezing cold gets up to seven years in prison

    New York Daily News

    A Manhattan judge slammed the misogynist sicko who forced his girlfriend to march outside naked with the maximum sentence Wednesday — sending him to prison for as many as seven years.

    Jasson Melo, 26, faced time for coercion, a felony, for making the 22-year-old mother of his child undress and walk around his Harlem block. This followed hours of verbal and physical abuse inside his apartment, according to evidence submitted at his trial in Manhattan Supreme Court.

  • NYC bigs blast Republican gun bill

    New York Post

    Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. said the bill revealed “a shocking disregard for the lives of law-enforcement officers across the country” and those they are tasked to protect.

    “By allowing people with dangerous histories and no training to carry loaded, concealed weapons across state lines, CCRA would impose weak gun laws on all 50 states,” he said.

  • NYC DAs go to Washington to Oppose Concealed Carry Bill


    Some of New York City's district attorneys went to Washington on Wednesday to protest a new gun bill on the same day the bill passed a House of Representatives committee.

    "The Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act would be, I think, the single most destructive bill we could pass to affect the public safety we have achieved, and affect it negatively," said Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance. "Individuals could come in with loaded weapons into New York City, and probably hundreds of thousands when you consider we have 46 million visitors outside the United States into New York."

  • Opinion: The credit Cy Vance deserves for aiding sexual assault victims

    New York Daily News

    Vance’s investment means a massive 56,000 previously untested rape kits — 56,000 survivors of sexual assault just like me, in 32 jurisdictions across 20 states — will ultimately be tested. It also means our justice system will have 56,000 opportunities to bring closure to victims living in fear that their perpetrator is still out there.

  • Prosecutors From Across the U.S. Support Legislation Banning Sale of Possession of Bump Stocks

    The Manhattan District Attorney

    Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance, Jr., Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer, and 25 additional members of Prosecutors Against Gun Violence (PAGV) today announced their strong support for the Automatic Gun Fire Prevention Act introduced by Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), which would ban the sale and possession of accessories used to increase the rate of fire on semi-automatic weapons.

  • DA Vance Invests $7.1 Million in Social Enterprises to Employ At-Risk Youth and Formerly Incarcerated New Yorkers

    The Manhattan District Attorney

    Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance, Jr., today announced the investment of $7.1 million in three social enterprises – run by Drive Change, Sweet Generation Bakery, and The HOPE Program – creating employment opportunities and career training for at-risk youth and formerly incarcerated New Yorkers. The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office is providing these grants through its Criminal Justice Investment Initiative (“CJII”), which District Attorney Vance created using criminal forfeiture funds obtained through the Office’s settlements with international banks for violating U.S. sanctions. These grants mark the first social enterprise funding by a Law Enforcement Agency in the United States.

  • Cy Vance’s Progressive Record on Criminal Justice Reform

    Cy Vance for DA

    Manhattan DA Cy Vance has enacted numerous progressive initiatives and reforms that reduce unnecessary incarceration and end the criminal prosecution of thousands of low-level, nonviolent offenses annually. With this approach, DA Vance is reducing the long-term negative impacts an arrest and criminal record can have, particularly on communities of color, because these programs allow individuals to stay in school, stay employed, and engage productively in their communities.

  • Bipartisan Group Plans to Urge Trump to Adjust Policing Policies

    The New York Times

    “Today, our nation faces new public safety challenges, including an increase in opioid abuse, an uptick in homicides in some cities and strained police-community relations,” a group of police chiefs and prosecutors, including Cyrus R. Vance Jr., the district attorney in Manhattan, wrote in a letter to Mr. Trump and Mr. Sessions.

  • A district attorney’s real duty: Critics of Cy Vance must understand that sometimes doing justice means not bringing charges

    New York Daily News

    The first principle is that district attorneys are not like regular lawyers. Instead, DAs have a special obligation to see that justice is done — which means that a DA may be successful in handling a matter even if he never files charges, or if he loses at trial.

    To paraphrase a former Justice Department official: The government wins its case when justice is done. Sometimes, this means not filing charges; it’s not only OK to do so, it’s expected