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When I first ran for Manhattan District Attorney I promised that I would approach every aspect of the office with two questions - Does it make us safer? And is it fair?

I am proud to say that working together, we have championed safety on our streets and fairness in our courts while fostering integrity, innovation and excellence in the office where I began my legal career.

Since January 2010, we've brought Manhattan's conviction rate up and taken down lone-wolf terrorists, street gangs, drug dealers and gun traffickers. The Violent Criminal Enterprises Unit we created has taken hundreds  of illegal guns off the street and helped systematically dismantle 13 gangs to date. Our streets are safer.

The Cybercrime and Identity Theft Bureau we started is combating the fastest-growing crimes in the country, securing convictions and significant prison sentences against computer hackers, individuals who trade in images of child sexual assault and people who traffic in stolen debit or credit card information. Your online world is safer.

We fought for and won passage of tougher domestic violence laws - updating out-of-date laws that treated repeated domestic violence offenders nearly the same as turnstile-jumpers. And this fall, the first-ever Manhattan Family Justice Center will open within the DA’s Office, to provide comprehensive counseling and social services to domestic violence  survivors under one roof. We will not rest until our homes are safer.

In the weeks and months ahead, I will be outlining new and expanded proposals to continue to drive down crime in the streets, online, and in our homes.

I look forward to moving ahead together.

Cyrus Vance Jr.